Services tailored to you

You need a content strategist with a content plan as flexible, diverse and complex as your business's needs. I'll make sure you achieve your goals no matter what stage you're at on your journey, but first, let's get to know each other.

I made it a little easier for you by creating something I call
The Four Business Personas.

Choose the one that most closely describes you. It will take you to one of four content blueprints I tailored for each persona.

If none of these business personas describe you, that's okay! How about we grab some coffee and have a friendly chat. We'll get to know each other while I come up with
a new plan tailored just for you!

The potentialist

Your brand new business has potential, but you haven't put much thought into your content strategy yet. I'll show you how to quickly attract leads and convert them to buyers. You need a powerful content strategy that puts the needs of your consumers first, and I know how to do just that!

The plateauist

Your growing business recently hit a major engagement milestone a few months ago, but you haven't been able to match that spike in traffic since. Let's work together to prune out weaknesses in your content strategy and discover what you're doing right so we can keep doing more of that!


The hungerist

Your longtime business is falling behind. No one is buying. It's getting quieter and quieter. You desperately need a new content strategy and a content cleanup! Maybe you need someone with 5 plus years of combined experience writing compelling website content—like me. I'll get you where you need to be!

The expeditionist

Your rockstar business can't wait to find another rockstar journalist, blogger, copywriter, white paper name it! With over 5 years of combined experience in these categories, I'm the eccentric new writer who will add more flair to your already awesome blog, news agency, PR service, product page, etc.


The potentialist plan

Just like the little acorn of the great oak tree, your new business has infinite potential for growth. It just needs tender love and care from a seasoned content strategist like me who wants to see you succeed!

See the potentialist plan below!


The Plan

My personalized content strategy will bring out the best in your up-and-coming business! 


Get your website found on Google with SEO services tailored around your content plan!

Blog Content

New businesses should have a blog page. I can set up your blog and write content for you!

Social Media

Need a loyal following? I'll set up your social media accounts and manage them so you don't have to!

The plan

The plan


Let's begin with a coffee discussion!


Book a free in-person or remote consultation with me! We'll go over what it means to be The Potentialist.

What you will gain from our consultation:

  • You'll learn how my services can get your up-and-coming business off the ground!

  • We'll go over my average rates for businesses who identify with the Potentialist persona. 

  • You'll learn more about my content strategy and why it works!

  • We'll get to know each other better!

  • You'll feel more comfortable knowing your up-and-coming business is in good hands!



Let's put together your story-driven content strategy!

My time-tested story-driven content strategy will clarify your message by making your customers the hero of your story.

What does a story-driven content strategy look like?

  • An expertly crafted homepage that acts more like the intro to a book than a long list of chapters. Meaningful transitions from one page to the other will make consumers feel like they were meant to click on your CTAs.

  • A services page that makes consumers feel like they are buying more than just services from you. They'll feel like they are becoming a part of something bigger than themselves.

  • A blog page that speaks to your consumers. I'll write fun and engaging blog content that speaks to the material and emotional needs of your consumers!

  • And so much more! Every page on your site counts. We'll work together to craft a site as organized and engaging as a good book!

The first 5 steps of your content strategy

  • First, we'll have a second consultation. This time, I'll ask you what website platform you are using. If you haven't decided on a platform yet, I'll offer some great options based on your business's goals.

  • Second, I'll set up your website for you. You will have to pay for the platform, but I'll do all the meticulous stuff so you don't have to. 

  • Once your website skeleton is set up, we'll schedule a third consultation. Together, we'll home in on who your ideal consumer is. We'll discover how to get super clear about clarifying your message to your customer base.

  • Once we zero in on your message, I'll make sure each page offers unique value that is relevant to your core message.

  • Next, the content on each page will be crafted with SEO in mind...


Writing content with SEO in mind...


If you want Google to be able to discover your website, then you need an SEO strategy. If you want your business to appear on the first page of Google's search results, then you need these three things:

  1. Patience

  2. Valuable content

  3. An SEO expert

Well, I have patience and I know a thing or two about SEO! Here's how I can help:

  • I don't just write content. Contained within your niche is a library of keywords that your business needs to rank for to be seen on Google. We'll discover what those keywords are.

  • Then we'll do competitor research to see what successful businesses in your niche are doing that you should be doing too.

  • After doing keyword and competitor research, I'll write engaging and valuable content (using SEO best practices) that's centered around the keywords your business should be targeting.

  • Keep in mind, that we're playing the long game here. Even with a powerful SEO strategy, it can take between 6 to 12 months to see results.


The estimate


So it's settled! You are the Potentialist! After our consultation, I'll propose a detailed cost estimate of the services to be provided. Rates will vary depending upon the services you choose.

Typical services I provide for The Potentialist:

  • I'll create a brand new content strategy for you!

  • I'll put that content strategy to work by setting up your homepage, landing pages, newsletters, blog, and more!

  • I offer a flexible schedule for follow-up consultations.

  • Put me on retainer and I'll write SEO-backed blog posts using your business's tone of voice! 

  • I'll manage, edit and proofread the written content on your site!



Realizing your engagement potential with blog content!


You'll need a blog so you can get to know your customers better, but maybe you just don't have the time to write. I'll set up your blog and manage it so you don't have to.

My blog services:

  • I can write blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis. You can choose how many blog posts I write per week or per month.

  • I'll write long-form content, case studies, product posts, infographics, news articles, current events and so much more!

  • I'll optimize your blog content using up-to-date SEO best practices.

  • I'll create weekly or monthly newsletters to engage with your readers.



Building a loyal following with Social Media


If you want people to spread the word about your business, you'll have to get comfortable with managing multiple social media accounts—or you could delegate that responsibility to me!

Social media services I provide:

  • I'll create and manage your business's Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more!

  • I'll add social sharing links to your blog posts and product posts.

  • I'll make sure you have social media handles on your website.

  • I'll use Google Analytics (or the analytics tool of your choice) to discover how your target demographic is using each social media platform and tailor my social media engagement strategy to this pattern of behavior.