I consider Victor as an uncommon young man. He is thoughtful, sincere, and extremely dedicated and passionate in his pursuit of his career aspirations. 


-Vincent Quatroche

I strongly recommend Victor Schmitt-Bush. Victor's sharp mind allows him to understand complex arguments and is complemented nicely by his hard work and intellectual interest.


-Stephen Kershnar

Always punctual, reliable and cheerful, he is a natural born leader who works well with his peers. 


-Roslin Smith


I don't think it can be overstated how important staying healthy both in mind and body is. The year 2020 especially showed us how vulnerable and fragile we are as a species. A single virus can leave us thrashing wildly about, hoping to wade through an endless sea of confusion, madness and despair. It has left many of us isolated and scared. Humanity now grieves the loss of a way of life we may never have again. 


That's where you and I come in! If I have offered my writing services to you and your mental health business, perhaps it is because I sought to jump on board with you in the fight against our collective un-wellness. I saw you as a leading force in the fight against the degradation of mental health across the globe. 

Advocacy for change and better information does not spread of its own accord. Let's work together to make the world within and without us a more peaceful and thriving place to live. Please see the content below to see how my 4+ years of online journalism and writing experience can benefit your mental health community and your website blog.

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I would consider this website and its design a testament to my own entrepreneurial endeavors. Launching a freelance content writing business is no easy feat. Crafting an effective portfolio website and advertising my services while demonstrating my humility and openness to experience is no walk in the park either.


But every veteran entrepreneur will tell you one crucial thing: Business storytelling does not succeed by appearing sincere. Storytelling provides value to the reader only when it is written for sincerity's sake. A true entrepreneur doesn't try to sell you anything. A veteran entrepreneur doesn't chase trends. They chase value. They find like-minded people who say YES to their ideas and empower them to innovate. Entrepreneurs are artists in the noblest sense of the word!

If I've offered my writing services to you and your entrepreneurship/life coaching/business-starting blog/website, it is because I feel strongly that we hold the same or similar core values. 

Maybe the saying, The road to success is not a road, but a road-trip, resonates just as sweetly for you as it does for me.

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As I write these words, I sit here with my legs crossed and my spine held comfortably straight against the backrest of my office chair. The Legend of Zelda Ambience With Sweet Rain plays quietly in the background through my desktop speakers. I am a dedicated nerd, as you can see.


I close my eyes and focus on my breath every now and again to breathe in these words––and they come. Writing flows naturally when you set an intention, relax, and allow the words to be expressed without expectation or judgement. 

Mindfulness to me is not just a pastime but a way of being. I know, calamity always appears to be lurking around the corner these days. These are very trying times. But for those of you fellow anxious folk, of which I am certainly one of, I can guarantee if you turned off the tv and opened your window, the world around you wouldn't appear to be in such disarray as your racing mind would have it seem. Things are actually quite calm, aren't they? Mindfulness brings us back to where we are, not where we fear we may be. If the world falls back into stability, as it always does, then so can we. We can breathe again, too.


If I've offered my writing services to you, then you can rest assured I've done much research on your mindfulness business and your story. Writers who prosper in this niche take their time getting to know their potential clients before reaching out to them. If you're reading this, then I am delighted to write for you!

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