Vincent Quatroche, Assistant Communication Prof. at SUNY Fredonia

Victor is a born writer and has been nothing short of an inspirational presence while an undergraduate student at Fredonia. He has, in the words of Charles Dickens, Great Expectations.


Stephen Kershnar, Dean of the Philosophy Department at SUNY Fredonia

Victor works hard and debates well. In my classes, he participated in debates on metaphysics...His arguments were clear, organized, interesting and forcefully presented. He also speaks and writes well.


Roslin Smith, Assistant Communications Prof. at Fredonia

Victor demonstrates creative intelligence and is an active, articulate student...Always punctual, reliable, and cheerful, he is a natural leader who works well with his peers.

Ruchika Anand.jpg

Ruchika Anand, Content Creator/Social Media Manager at Assuaged, Inc.

Victor is a master at his craft, weaving magic with each word.

Cynthia Murphy.jpg

Cynthia Murphy, CFO of Assuaged, Inc.

Victor is an expert in various fields including but not limited to SEO writing, philosophy, journalism, and team building.

Tyquon Jackson.jpg

Tyquon Jackson, Lead Ambassador at Assuaged, Inc.

[At Assuaged], we got to see Victor's professional skills, in which he has shown commitment and creativity with each assignment given to him.

Mason Crangle.jpg

Mason Crangle, Negotiator at Strategic Financial Solutions

Although it is impossible to find a 'perfect' employee, Victor holds both the hard & soft skills that few are able to possess simultaneously. Having both as well as a robust work ethic? To me, that's about as perfect as one can get, and that is Victor.